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Trusted Projects in 2021

The Trusted team is working hard to bring Docker Containers to seL4 in the New Year. The difficult task has not been attempted before, making Trusted the vanguard of this new technology.

A Docker Container creates a package for software. The technology allows software to be standardized for a variety of uses. Find out more at:

By accomplishing this, Trusted will allow seL4 to be accessed and operated more easily. It will also allow seL4 to run in certain capacities that were previously unavailable. We are excited to unveil this new achievement in the coming year!

Trusted Science & Technology is aiming to work with the consortium: Future Airborne Capability Environment. Working with this organization will open up more opportunities to share information and start new seL4 related projects. Check out FACE's website here:

And finally, learn more about how Trusted uses seL4 to protect your interests:

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